The Endline


About The Endline

We believe in a future where the Rapids community is vibrant, growing, engaged, and excited. To those ends, we work to connect the fans to the team, the game, and the larger soccer world.

Core Values

1. Spark Conversation

We work to create conversation, not finish it. When we succeed, listeners are talking back to us, talking with each other, and engaging with the team.

2. Inclusive Perspectives

Within the podcast we let many voices into every segment. Our panel represents the community. We invite outside voices and engagement from other teams, cultures, and perspectives.

3. Building Not Breaking

Results on the pitch and decisions in the office won’t always make us happy, but we critique the decisions and situations without piling on the people. We believe that professionals are doing their best, even when they get it wrong.

4. Stories in Context

Beyond the boxscore, we are intrigued by the individuals, their stories, and the issues around the game, league, and world as they affect us.

5. Professional Fun

We’re working on something that we each care about while representing ourselves, the community, and the team. We can have a spirited conversation and be funny without resorting to chauvinism or marginalization.

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